Kyootii loves to spread happiness and positivity through our high quality and cute plushies that are perfect for all ages. We offer a wide variety of kawaii aesthetic plushies, fluffy rugs and other Kyootii merchandise. From animal stuffed toys, to food and drinks, to flowers and nature, and everything in between, our plush products are designed to be your new snuggle buddy, pillow, or just a cute addition to your decor.

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High Quality Plushies

All our plush toys are hand selected by our plushie loving staff. We only select the highest quality plushies for our store made with the highest quality material. To ensure your product is 100% in order we will give it one last check before it leaves our warehouse for shipping. This ensures your plushies are perfect ready for their arrival with you. Using multiple warehouses allows us to keep our plushies cheap and ensures we are the best place to buy plushies!


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